Brown Mega Type Fuse - 500A
Reference: 0-376-55
Pkt Qty 1
Brown Midi Type Fuse - 70A
Reference: 0-378-17
Pkt Qty 1
Category: ElectricalLighting
++For more than a hundred years, HELLA as a technology leader has stood for optimal seeing and being seen by car drivers. The modern halogen technology is a proven milestone in driving safety and comfort. Halogen bulbs offer original equipment quality with a very good price-performance ratio. They c...
Bulb-Spotlight - 24V
Reference: 1PE965410131
Category: ElectricalSpotlight
++Lamp Type: H3 - with bulb++Light functions: 2 - with high beam/with fog light++Appr. stamp: ECE++paired article numbers: 1PE 965 410-141++Item Attributes: Fitting Position: left Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with bulb Appr. stamp: ECE Rated Voltage: 24 V ...
24 volt . Isolated return. Rated at 50 amps intermittent at 24 volts. This solenoid is not waterproof.Pkt Qty 1
12 volt . Isolated return. Rated at 80 amps intermittent at 12 volts. This solenoid is not waterproof.Pkt Qty 1
Accepts up to 4 x 2.8mm and 5 x 6.3mm terminals. Can be gang mounted. Supplied with locking terminals. 3-729-00 comes with 100 sockets and terminals. 4-729-00 comes with 100 sockets only.Pkt Qty 1
Suzi cable trailer connector with 0.3m lead and male connector.Pkt Qty 1
CCTV Cable 20m
Reference: 0-775-19
CCTV cable with waterproof connectors - 20mPkt Qty 1
Durite rear facing 1/3" Sony CCD colour CCTV camera with audio and microphone. Automatic gain control (AGC). L 84 x W 76 x D 70mm. Waterproof to IP68. E MarkedPkt Qty 1
Change over or on/off, two position, single pole switch, with nickel plated brass lever and 6.3mm blade terminals, 13mm panel hole. 10 amps at 28 volts dc rating.Pkt Qty 1
Cigarette lighter plug with green LED indicator. Fits most cigarette lighter sockets with red bridge pulled out, or DIN socket with the red bridge pushed in. Internal 8 amp fuse.Pkt Qty 1
Accessory power socket with cigarette lighter socket, 250mm cable and crocodile clips. Rated at 5 amps at 12 volts for continuous use.Pkt Qty 1
Category: ElectricalMarker Lamps
Clear LED front marker lamp, 12/24 volt, with leads. l 111 x w 22 x h 50mm. ECE approved.Pkt Qty 1
Pkt Qty 50
With moulded black body and trumpet. Supplied with 24 volt electric solenoid valve and fixings. DGM approved. Sound level 118dB(A) at 2m Frequency 400 Hz Pressure 2-10 bar.Pkt Qty 1
Compact Combination Lamp
Reference: 150ARME
Category: ElectricalRear Lamps
Gen II Stop/Tail, Indicator, Reflex Reflector Lamp**12/24V Multivolt *Fully Waterproof *Lifetime Warranty *Cable Harness System Compatible*IP67*12/24V*Lifetime Warranty**400mm*Current Draw (13.8V / 28V): Stop: 0.15A / 0.12A, Tail: 0.07A / 0.06A, Indicator: 0.11A / 0.07A* *150 x 80 x 24
Compact Combination Lamp
Reference: 250WARM
Category: ElectricalRear Lamps
Gen II Stop/Tail, Indicator, Reverse, Reflex Reflector**12/24V Multivolt *Fully Waterproof*IP67*12/24V*5 Years Warranty**400mm*Current Draw (13.8V / 28V): Stop: 0.04A / 0.17A, Tail: 0.32A / 0.03A, Indicator: 0.32A / 0.17A, Rev: 0.24A / 0.13A, Fog: 0.15A / 0.08A* *250 x 80 x 24
Cover for 175 amp connector.Pkt Qty 1
Cover for 350 amp connector.Pkt Qty 1