10-Pocket Tool Roll
Reference: SMC45
* Heavy-duty water-resistant canvas tool roll. * Ideal for organising tools and taking them on the go. * 10-Pockets of various sizes for an array of tools. * Fitted with adjustable strap.
Anti-Dive Fork Brace
Reference: SMC56
* Device designed to stop the over-compression of motorcycle forks whilst in transit. * For use on off-road style motorcycles with a minimum front wheel to mudguard clearance of 255mm.
* 10-Piece screw-type bridge extractor set. * The thin tapered lips on the collets secure a positive grip on the curved surface of the internal bearing bore. * Gently removes blind bearings where the use of a slide hammer may damage the surrounding material. * Bearing extractor col...
* Combination hook-end C-spanner for use with headstock adjustment and rear suspension adjustment. * Suitable for a variety of motorcycles. * Small End 36-42mm, Large End 45-50mm.
* Handlebar tie down clamp used to minimise possible damage to motorcycle handlebars and grips. * Provides a secure fixing point to tie down motorcycle whilst in transit.
* Extract brake caliper pistons without risk of damage to outer face of piston. * Includes 12 adaptors to suit different sized pistons. * Detachable slide hammer for impact removal. * Capacity: 19-30mm.
* Use to manoeuvre motorcycles (maximum 300kg vehicle weight) with centre-stands. * Perfect for places where space is restrictive. * The dolly is made from 4mm thick hardened steel-plate. * Covered with anti-slip rubber pad. * Foot/hand operated built-in brake mechanism.
* Comprehensive set designed to shorten and lengthen motorcycle chains by removing or replacing links. * Set is also ideal for use on horticultural and agricultural machinery. * Includes tools designed for riveting and plate holder for connecting links accurately. * Suitable for us...
* CO2 Tyre inflator kit including adaptor for Schrader type valves (used by most cars and motorcycles and some bicycles). * 2 x 16g Canisters of CO2. * Supplied in zipped storage pouch.
* A fully enclosed cover; the two halves zip together to completely protect the motorcycle, rain or shine, against weathering and fading. * Double layer 190T silver polyester cover for extra protection. * Base is made from hard-wearing 420D with PVC coating. * Inner layer is made f...
* Compact device which accurately tests the motorcycle’s battery. * No heat, no sparks and no misdiagnosis. * Just key in the battery rating from the top of the battery and results are displayed on LCD screen. * Includes a facility to print results via PC. * No internal batte...
* Motorcycle dolly holds a single motorcycle with a side stand (Maximum overall vehicle weight of 500kg). * Easy to manoeuvre around the workshop or garage. * Front wheel stays in contact with the ground allowing the motorcycle to be steered into the desired position. * Pivoting fe...
* Wall and door mountable helmet hook suitable for all motorcycle helmets. * Designed in order to keep your helmet and jacket safe and out of the way when not in use.
Motorcycle Helmet Hook
Reference: MS0811
* Wall and door mountable helmet hook suitable for all motorcycle helmets. * Designed in order to keep your helmet safe and out of the way when not in use.
* Min./Max. Height: 190/710mm. * Platform Width/Length: 690/2200mm. * All steel construction with air pump or foot pedal for manual operation. * Integral hydraulic pump and air motor assembly. * Fitted with platform safety lock device to fix platform at two working heights of...
* Min./Max. Height: 190/710mm. * Table Size (W x L): 690 x 2200mm. * All steel construction with heavy-duty, foot operated, integral hydraulic pump and ram assembly. * Fitted with platform safety lock device to fix at two working heights of 710mm and 490mm and to prevent accidental...
* Min./Max. Height: 190/790mm. * Width: 710mm. * Length: 2000mm. * All steel construction. * Combined air and foot pump separate from main lift for choice of operation. * Ramp and platform made with chequer plate surface to ease loading and positioning of motorcycle.
* Small compact kit comprises a selection of essential motorcycle maintenance tools. * Tools feature soft grip handles for comfort and control. * Supplied in small storage case, ideal for storage under a motorcycle seat. * Lifetime guarantee*.
* Ideal for use with off-road/trials bikes. * Easily lifts the bike when performing maintenance, services or cleaning. * Simple, one foot, step-and-lift mechanism means the bike can be instantly raised in one motion. * Fitted with four 45mm castors for manoeuvrability when bike is ...
* Space-saving design maximizes the space in the garage or workshop. * Two locking positions for supporting the motorcycle over extended periods on the lift. * With this lift it is possible to remove both wheels, front forks, steering assembly, rear swing arm and suspension units as well...