* Heavy-duty inspection lights with dimming function.
* Supplied with one strong magnet on the base and two on the back.
* LEDWC01 - Lumen output on side light 30-300lm with dimming function and 100lm on top light.
* LEDWC02 - Lumen output on side light 50-500lm with dimming function and 300lm on top light.
* Double wireless charging base fitted with two strong magnets for attaching to a metal surface.
* Charging base has four holes at each corner for permanent fixture to non-metallic surface or wall.

Package Includes:
* LEDWC01 - Inspection Lamp COB LED 3W + 1W - Wireless Rechargeable
* LEDWC02 - Inspection Lamp COB LED 5W + 3W - Wireless Rechargeable
* WCB2 - Wireless Charging Base Double 5V-2A

* You may also refer to the individual Model No. for full specification.
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