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Truck and Trailer parts

Distance Sensor
Reference: WAB4410501210
Distance Sensor WABCO ECAS 4410501210 replaces; EVOBUS A0035422618 MERCEDES-BENZ 0035422618 MERCEDES-BENZ A0035422618 PACCAR 1528811 SCANIA 1934586
Double Chamber Air Dryer
Reference: WAB4324310100
WABCO Air Dryer 4324310100
Double Check Valve
Reference: WAB4342080210
Double Check Valve M22 Replaces; FAYMONVILLE 42778 FREIGHTLINER 9628S4342080210 HENDRICKSON NB1741 IRISBUS 5010038414 IVECO 25313604 IVECO 5010038414 IVECO 0014292444 IVECO 50313 KENWORTH S434-208-021-0 LOHR A05020114 MACK 6300-4342080210 MACK 8235-S4342080210 MERCEDES-BENZ 50313 MERCED...
Double Check Valve
Reference: WAB4342080290
Double Check Valve M22 Replaces; ASHOK LEYLAND 445332053 CNHTC AZ87353300100 DAF 0541602 DAF 541602 DAF 834063 DAF 1325343 DOLL 7007456 Dimetal 4602189 Dimetal 4604527 Dimetal 4605223 ERF 1159400 EVOBUS 8283121000 EVOBUS 8283621000 ...
Ebs Axle Modulator
Reference: WAB4801030420
WABCO Ebs Axle Modulator 4801030420 replaces DAF 0871491 DAF 1315705 DAF 871491 LEYLAND DAF 1315705 PACCAR 1315705 SCANIA 1935132
EBS Cable
Reference: WAB4460087000
Trailer 7 pin EBS Cable WABCO 4460087000 Length 4600mm Working Length 3000mm replaces DAF 0906124 Scania 2120398 Schmitz 1094932
EBS Coil
Reference: 427519041
7 core EBS coil 4.0m working length. Hard cable sheath. Moulded anti kink protection. Fully complies with A.D.R. regulations. Data lines twisted separately to protect from electrical interference.
EBS Modulator Trailer D
Reference: WAB480102014R
EBS D Modulator WABCO 480102014R replaces 4801020140 *****PRICE INCLUDES SURCHARGE OF £204 REFUNDABLE ON RETURN OF OLD PART***** DAF 1506654 DOLL 7082787 FAYMONVILLE 46030 FELDBINDER 1015374 GENERAL TRAILERS 6BE00080200 GOLDHOFER 167733 HAMANA WORKS GB42000430...
EBS Power Cable
Reference: WAB4491721200
EBS Power Cable WABCO D 4491711200 12.0mtr replaces BENALU M05932202 DAF 1518035 DOLL 7048569 FAYMONVILLE 31989 FELDBINDER 065911 FRUEHAUF M05932202 FRUEHAUF MO59322 FRUEHAUF M059322 GUERRA 35276 HYUNDAI 915227K000 HYUNDAI 915227K010 KODAIRA INDUSTRIAL VS70000171 KRONE 5818311 KRONE 50...
EBS Power Cable
Reference: WAB4491721500
EBS Power Cable WABCO D 4491711500 15mtr replaces DAF 1506054 FAYMONVILLE 13404 FELDBINDER 084124 GOLDHOFER 165745 KRONE 515005938 KOGEL 337550 LOHR A05101405 MAN N2955010105 NOOTEBOOM 1615532 NOOTEBOOM 16139 PACCAR 1506054 SCANIA 1934785 ...
ECAS Control Unit
Reference: WAB4460561170
ECAS Control Unit WABCO 4460561170 replaces ALEXANDER DENNIS 617566 DAF 1505289 DOLL 7005964 ERF 1213760 FAYMONVILLE 05568 FAYMONVILLE 5568 FELDBINDER 205020 FORD 4C463C478BA GOLDHOFER 164782 GOLDHOFER 166628 HAMANA WORKS GV66000160 KODAIRA I...
ECAS Control Unit
Reference: WAB4460561200
ECAS Control Unit WABCO 4460561200 replaces IRISBUS 41040927 IVECO 41040927 IVECO 9847287 IVECO 98472873
Reference: WAB4729000600
WABCO Ecas Solenoid Valve 4729000600
Category: Truck & TrailerCoolant
ES Compleat is a fully formulated extended Life-of-the-engine hybrid coolant concentrate with 1,600,000km useful life under normal conditions. It provides maximum corrosion and liner pitting protection with conventional heavy duty chemical inhibitors and organic acids and fully meets requirements of...
ES Complete OAT Coolant 5 litre
Reference: CC36074EDJ
Category: Truck & TrailerCoolant
Fleetguard ES Compleat™ OAT (Organic Acid Technology) is a NAPS-Free Organic Acid Technology ready to use coolant (OAT) NOT requiring the use of any SCAs.  It is designed to last for the 'life of the engine' with 1,600,000km useful life under normal operating condition...
Fleetcool OAT coolant 5 Ltr
Reference: CC36142M
Category: Truck & TrailerCoolant
Fleetcool ready to use NAP free life of the engine coolant plus silicate (Si-OAT) 1,600,000km life under normal conditions. It provides maximum corrosion and liner pitting protection as well as superior water pump cavitation and aluminium protection. Fleetcool OAT fully meets ASTM D-3306, ASTM D-621...
Fleetguard Air Dryer Cartridge AD27754
Fleetguard Air Dryer Cartridge AD27755
Fleetguard Air Dryer Cartridge AD27745
Fleetguard Air Dryer Cartridge AD27746